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Graduate Programs



Graduate Programs





School of International Education


Linguistics and Applied Linguistics







School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering

Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

*Design and Manufacturing of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure *Turbine Engineering *Underwater Acoustics Engineering ΔOcean Engineering ΔUnderwater Technology and Engineering




*General Mechanics and Mechanics Foundation *Solid Mechanics *Fluid Mechanics *Engineering Mechanics


Civil Engineering

*Rock and Soil Engineering *Structural Engineering


Hydraulic Engineering

Harbor, Coast and Offshore Engineering



Architectural Design and Theory Urban Planning and Design







School of Mechanical and Power Energy Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

*Machine Manufacturing and Automation  *Electromechanical Engineering *Machine Design and Theory *Vehicle Engineering ΔIndustrial Engineering


Nuclear Science and Technology

*Nuclear Energy Science and Engineering



Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

*Engineering Thermophysics *Thermal Engineering *Power Machinery and Engineering *Fluid Machinery and Engineering *Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering



School of Electronic, Information and Electrical Engineering

Instrument Science and Technology

*Precision Instruments and Machinery *Measurement Technology and Instruments



Electrical Engineering

*Electrical Machines and Appliances *Power System and  its Automation *High Voltage and Insulation Technology *Power Electronics and Electrical Transmission



Electronic Science and Technology

*Electrical Circuits and Systems *Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Technology



Information and Communication Engineering

*Communication and Information System *Signal and Information Processing


Control Science and Technology

*Control Theory and Engineering *Detection Technology and Automatic Devices *Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System


Computer Science and Technology

*Computer System Architecture *Computer Software and Theory *Computer Application Technology


School of Information Security


ΔCryptography and Computer Security


School of Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

*Materials Physics and Chemistry *Materials Science *Material Processing Engineering




School of Sciences


*Pure Mathematics *Computational Mathematics *Probability and Statistics *Applied Mathematics *Operational Research and Cybernetics



*Theoretical Physics *Atomic and Molecular Physics *Condensed Matter Physics *Optics *Radio Physics


Optical Engineering





School of Life Science and Biotechnology





School of Pharmacy




Biomedical Engineering

ΔGenetically Engineered Drugs and Natural Medicines


School of International and Public Affairs

Public Management

Public Administration Educational Economy and Management Social Security Land Resource Management



School of Chemistry and Chemical Technology


Inorganic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Physical Chemistry *Polymer Chemistry and Physics


Chemical Engineering and Technology

Chemical Engineering Chemical Technology *Applied Chemistry Industrial Catalyst


Antai College of Economics & Management

Business Administration

*Accounting *Corporate Management *Tourism Management *Technology Economy and Management


Management Science and Engineering

*Management Science and Engineering ΔFinancial Engineering


Theoretical Economics

Western Economics


Applied Economics

National Economics  Regional Economics Public Economics (including Taxation) *Finance (including Insurance) *Industrial Economics International Trade Statistics


Agricultural and Forestry Economics and Management

*Agricultural Economics and Management


School of Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages and Literature

English Language and Literature Japanese Language and Literature *Foreign Languages and Applied Linguistics


School of Environmental Science and Engineering

Environmental Science

and Engineering

*Environmental Science *Environmental Engineering





School of Law




Theory of Law Legal History *Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Criminal Law Civil Commercial Law Litigation Law Economic Law International Law


School of Agriculture and Biology


*Botany *Zoology  *Ecology


Biomedical Engineering

ΔBioengineering ΔBioinformatics ΔBiotechnology


Food Science and Engineering

Food Science, Cereals, Oils and Vegetable Protein Engineering


Crop Science

Crop Genetics and Breeding



Pomology *Vegetable Science Tea Science


Plant Protection

Plant Pathology Pesticide Science


Animal Husbandry



Veterinary Science

Preventive Veterinary Medicine


Forestry Studies

Ornamental Plants and Horticulture



School of Humanities

Chinese Language and Literature

Chinese Language Study of Chinese Classical Text Ancient Chinese Literature Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature Comparative Literature and World Literature


School of Media and Design

Journalism and Communication




Center for Nanotechnology

Materials Science and Engineering

ΔNanomaterials and Nanotechnology



Library Science, Information Science and Archives Management

Library Science

Information Science

Archival Science



School of Medicine

Basic Medical Sciences

For the detail Sub-discipline, please contact International Students Office, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Medicine directly.


Clinical Medicine




Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

Finance MBA



Master of Finance


*PhD in Finance


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