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SJTU Dandelion Association

SJTU Dandelion Association


“Diligence, Self-independence, Service & Return”—founded in December 18th, 2002, SJTU Dandelion Association has always been one of most excellent public service associations at SJTU and fully dedicated to serving the society.


  • Book Donation Program: Used book recycle and donation.
  • The Second Classroom Program: Volunteer teaching in primary schools for children of migrant workers.
  • The Umbrella Program: Offering umbrellas in public places including libraries and classrooms.
  • Volunteer Service for the Aged: Developing interactive activities between the aged and the young like “Listen to Grandpa and Grandma’s Stories”.
  • Thank-you Note Activity: Encouraging SJTU students to write letters of thanks to the one to whom they feel grateful.
  • “The Promise of Dandelion” Volunteer Teaching Program: Developing volunteer teaching activities in Wangzhi Teaching Assistance Center in south of Anhui old revolutionary base areas every August and set up Dandelion scholarships for students there.

Main Awards

  • Year of 2008, the Association won SJTU “Unique Association” Award.
  • Year of 2009, the Association’s Summer Social Practice (The Promise of Dandelion) won Second Prize of University Summer Social Practice of Shanghai.
  • Year of 2010, the Association’s Summer Social Practice (Explore Solutions to Problems of Education among Unattended Children) won Second Prize of SJTU Summer Social Practice.