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Stores & Supermarket

On Campus

Jiaoyu Supermarket

  • Located among the dormitories in East Area One
  • Located to the west of South Area Stadium
  • Located beside the Third Canteen
  • Located to the north of the Fourth Canteen
  • Located on the second floor of Donghu Restaurant

Newspaper Kiosk

  • Opposite to Building D.
  • Beside Southern Stadium
  • Beside the Second Canteen
  • Beside the Third Canteen
    • Fruit Stand

      • Behind the Jiaoyu Supermarket in West Area One
      • To the west of the Second Canteen (via Campus Card or cash)
      • Behind the Bao Yugang Library

      Hualian Life Center

      The Center provides a wide variety of goods for your choice, including daily necessities, stationery products, accessories, and snacks.

      Off Campus

      Auchan Supermarket (Minhang Branch)

      At the crossing of Huming Road and Dongchuan Road.(Go east along Dongchuan Road to the crossing with Humin Road)

      Trust Mart (Haoyouduo), Minhang

      At the crossing of Huming Road and Xinmin Road.(Go south from Auchan Supermarket for 500 meters after the crossing with Jiangchuan Road)

      NGS Supermarket (Nonggongshang)

      At the crossing of Cangyuan Road and Dehong Road.(Go south along Yongping Road, turn right on Dehong Road and continue for 200 meters)

      Hualian Supermarket, Xinzhuang

      Xinzhuang Station (Metro Line 5).