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Food & Drinks Expenses

On-Campus Dining

If you are looking for an affordable meal, look no further than the school cafeteria, and Minhang Campus has five of them. At 1 to 2 yuan for a vegetable dish, 2 to 4 yuan for a meat dish, and 0.22 yuan for one liang (50 grams) of rice, a filling meal can be had at 5 to 8 yuan. Even if you are a bona fide meat-lover with an insatiable appetite, 10 yuan would be more than enough! The cafeteria also offers noodles, wanton, fried rice, chow mein, and other meal sets.

Off-Campus Dining

Minhang is a certified food paradise. Not only are there restaurants for every one of the "eight culinary traditions of China," but also the Daxuelu Korean Restaurant, the Boshi BBQ, Piaoshi Korean Cuisin, Jiuzhou Ramen, and the Haijing'ge Southeastern Asian Cuisine-all of which are loved and frequented by international students. Here, the average cost per person is 20 to 40 yuan (alcoholic drinks not included). Remember to treasure your dining experience in Minhang! It won't be so affordable anymore once you are in the Xuhui campus.


College life without food deliveries is not a complete college experience! Just order online, and your food will be on your doorsteps within thirty minutes! One meal costs 10 to 20 yuan. McDonald's and KFC also offers delivery services for a flat fee.

On-Campus Dining

Compared to the Minhang Campus, food at the Xuhui cafeteria costs slightly higher, but the difference is negligible. Price for a meal ranges from 5 to 8 yuan.

Students of the Antai College of Economics and Management can choose to eat at the Fahua campus. The food is more...shall we say, dull? To put it more plainly, the dishes offered are the same every day. But where else can you find three-dish meals for 6 yuan?

Off-Campus Dining

Xuhui campus proves to be slightly lacking when it comes to everyday off-campus dining, offering less choices and at higher prices. The street outside of the gate at Panyu Road is lined with small eateries offering traditional Shanghainese food and Yunnan rice noodle. Be ready to pay at least 12 yuan for a decent meal. Farther down the road is a Sihaiyoulong Taiwanese Fried Dumpling chain restaurant where meals cost 15 yuan or so. By the gate at West Guangyuan Road are various chain restaurants such as Yonghe King, Sukiya, and Liufumiandao. Be ready to shell out 15 to 25 yuan per meal.

You can also eat to your heart's content for 7 to 14 yuan at the convenience stores that dot the cityscape. C-Store offers a 40% discount after 6 PM, bringing the price down to as low as 4.8 yuan and putting the school cafeteria to shame.

The Hunan and Northeastern restaurants on Panyu Road are a good choice for get-togethers with friends and for a taste of China. Average expenditure per person is 40 to 60 yuan (excluding alcoholic drinks). You can also consider Ajisen Ramen on Huashan Road(40 yuan per person), sushi-go-round restaurant Sushi Express in MetroCity (6 yuan per plate), and Pizza Hut in MetroCity (20% discount with student I.D.). If you are feeling a little ritzy, try Charme and South Memory. Your taste buds are sure to be satisfied, but be prepared to get out that hundred-yuan bill!


Well, how should I put this? There simply are not enough delivery services in Xuhui! Of course, McDonald's, KFC, and Pizza Hut are always obvious choices.

  • KFC   http://www.4008823823.com.cn
  • McDonald's   https://www.4008-517-517.cn
  • Pizza Hut  http://www.4008123123.com

Drinking Water

Have you ever drunk tap water in Shanghai? If so, you are probably willing to buy filtered water! A 18.9-liter bottle of water can be delivered to your door for as low as 10 yuan; it takes one person roughly two weeks to finish.