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International Student Apartments on Xuhui Campus
  • Lianxing Building: six-storey, unified standard single room. Each room is furnished with a single bed, closet, desk, chair, TV, telephone, air-conditioner, the Internet access, and a private bathroom; there is a laundry room (fully equipped) on the first floor; all floors have a public kitchen only open to dormitory residents.
  • Building 9: four-storey, both single and double rooms. Each room is furnished with single beds, a closet, desk, chair, TV, telephone, air conditioning, the Internet access, microwave oven, water dispenser, and a refrigerator. Each floor has a public bathroom.

The international student department is a very important place for all of our students. All residents must abide by the accommodation regulations. Please see the Room Rates.

Room Rate (Utilities excluded)


Short-term Accommodations (Less Than 80 Days)


Long-term Accommodations (80+ days)

One  semester

Accommodation in Summer/Winter Vacation

LianXing Building

¥120/ person / day

¥9800 / person / semester


Building 9

Single rooms-¥130/ person / day

Single rooms-¥10500 / person /semester

Single rooms-¥130/ person/day

Double Rooms-¥65 / person / day

Double rooms-¥4900 / person /semester

Double rooms-¥65/ person/day


  • This provision applies to all international students on Xuhui Campus (including undergraduates and exchange students). The long- and short-term accommodations are distinguished in accordance to the 80 day standard. Payments should be made in accordance with the chart above.
  • New students should file out the application form in order to book a room. Rooms are limited and will be allocated to those who apply first (first come first served). Rooms will be reversed till the first academic week of the semester as per the SJTU Academic Calendar; the approach of “room reservation and accommodation prepayment beforehand” shall apply for senior students. Either one-semester or semester plus vacation accommodation is available. Payments, which are to be made during the first week of each semester, should be made by debit card. Cash is not accepted. For cards that are Union Pay, the school will pay the extra fee; students who pay with international debit cards (limited to VISA and MASTER Cards) must pay the fee of 1.8%. Please make sure there is sufficient fund in your account during that period. In principle, you are not allowed to change or waive the room during reservation period.
  • Pay a deposit of ¥800 to confirm your reservation (the deposit is used to offset accommodation fee).
  • Students who have a booked a room for a semester, and who check out halfway through will not receive a refund. For senior students who are checking out for personal reasons, the deposit of ¥800 shall not be refundable and the actual fee shall be paid for accommodation from reservation day to cancellation day.
  • The free period for accommodation-free scholarship students (who enjoy Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship or Shanghai Government Scholarship Class A etc.) is from three days before the registration day to five days after the graduation day specified by the university, while the accommodation fee outside the period shall be collected by day and as per the short-term accommodation standard (except Chinese language learners). Free accommodation shall not be provided during suspension or long leave (≥60 days), during which period students shall move out of the apartment, otherwise, accommodation fee shall be collected as per the short-term accommodation standard.
  • Students, who continue to study without accommodation reservation for the next semester, shall go through the checking out formality before the end of the semester specified in the academic calendar; otherwise the accommodation fee shall be collected by day as per the short-term accommodation standard. “Accommodation Prepayment” shall be carried out for winter & summer vacation accommodation. Students shall make a reservation and pay accommodation fee within specified time.

  1. Q: I’ll be studying at Jiao Tong University soon, and I’ll need a room in the dormitory for 50 days. How much should I prepare to pay for a room? (Applicable for any stay up to 79 days)
    A: Any stay under 80 days will be charged by day as per the short-term accommodation standard.
  2. Q: I will stay in the dormitory for one semester. How much will I be charged for a room?
    A: Any stay of over 80 days, and under one semester, will be charged by semester.
  3. Q: How much should I pay for a room during summer break?
    A: Whether you are planning on actually living in the dormitory, or are just renting a room to store your belongings, you will be charged as per the standard set for summer/winter vacation accommodations.
  4. Q: I’m coming to Shanghai soon to study at Jiao Tong University, but as I am not familiar with Shanghai, I would like to ensure that there will be a room available for me.
    A: If you have already sent your application and booked a room, we will hold the room for you. We will hold the room for one week after school starts. If you do not arrive within that week to claim your room, we will cancel your booking.
  5. Q: I’m a new student, but for personal reasons, I’m not able to arrive within the first week of this semester. For example, school starts on September 1, but I can’t arrive until September 14. The school has authorized my leave, but I’m unsure now, of how I will be charged for the room.
    A: For new students, if you have contacted the school about your late arrival, we are able to hold the room for you for a period of one week, starting from the first day of school. Any stay of over 80 days and within one semester will be charged for one semester.
  6. Q: I stayed in the dorms for this semester, and would like to stay for part of next semester as well. Do I need to pay for the entire semester?
    A: Yes. For students who have already lived in the dormitory, and further bookings must be for duration of 1 semester+ summer/winter break, otherwise any further booking is not accepted.
  7. Q: I’m a new student who has lived in the dormitory for 85 days, and I would like to cancel the booking I made for the rest of the semester. Am I able to get a refund for the remaining days?
    A: Sorry, but any stay of over 80 days will be charged as per an entire semester. You can cancel the rest of your booking, but will not be eligible for a refund.
  8. Q: I’ve stayed in the dormitory for a period of time already, and booked my stay for longer. But now I would like to cancel my reservation. Is it possible to get a refund?
    A: Sorry, but those canceling their reservations due to personal reasons are unable to get a refund of the deposit ¥ 800. Meanwhile you have to pay for the number of days you have already stayed.
  9. Q: I’m a new student and I want to live in the dormitory in advance? Is that ok?
    A: No. we only accept that 3 days before the registration.
  10. Q: I'm a scholarship student and I don’t need to pay accommodation fees. Do I need to pay for the utilities?
    A: Yes, you need to pay by yourself first. We will transfer 80 RMB/person for the graduate and 50 RMB/person for the undergraduate into your account every month. If it is not enough, you have to pay the rest of your bill by your own.

The information above is for reference only. If you have any questions, please contact: International Student Affairs Office (Room 111, Lecture Hall No. 1. Tel: +86 21 62822018)