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Accommodation Regulations

About the Accommodation Fee

For the sound residence discipline of overseas student dormitory, all overseas students are required to comply with the following provisions:
  • If you want to have accommodation in school, you need to check in, fill out the lodging registration form with your passport, and pay a deposit of RMB 100 for the key of your room.
  • When you move into the room, you should check all articles in the room and sign the Article List. Please use them properly. If there is any damage or loss of articles because of improper use by you, you will need to give compensation according to the price of the article. The articles on the list should be returned to the staff in charge of the accommodation when you complete your courses or graduate.
  • All the rooms of the students' dorm are arranged altogether by the Office of Students Affairs. You are not allowed to change the rooms by yourself. If you want to change your room, you should first apply to the Office of Students Affairs. The final decision will be made according to the actual situation.
  • During your stay, if for some reason you are living in a double room on your own, the office may rearrange the room accordingly. You are expected to support and follow the rearrangement. If you insist on living in the double room, you will be charged the standard single room accommodation fee.
  • In case of the intention to keep study and dormitory room in the next semester, the student shall book the dormitory after the prepayment of tuition fee within the 16 th week of each semester. The student who finishes the study may stay at the dormitory for the additional 6 days after graduation ceremony at the rate of long-term student. From the second week after graduation ceremony, the dormitory fee shall be settled at the rate of short-term student.
  • If you choose to have accommodation at school, you shall pay the accommodation fee before moving into your dorm.
  • Your accommodation fee is paid according to semester.
  • The dormitory fee monthly paid shall be settled at the rate of short-term student. In case of the failure to pay the dormitory fee within the prescribed time limit, the penalty of 5 percent shall be added.
  • Where the long-term student who pays the dormitory fee by semester returns the dormitory to the university in advance.
  • The dormitory fee of less than 30 days shall be deemed as that for 30 days at the rate of short-term student.
  • The dormitory fee, in case of less than 40 days, shall be calculated at the number of actual days at the rate of short-term student.
  • The penalty of RMB 1,000 Yuan, in case of more than 40 days, shall be deducted from the dormitory fee and the actual dormitory fee be calculated for the actual days at the rate of long-term student.
  • You should take good care of your key. You should not let other people use your room key. If the key is lost, you should inform the management staff as soon as possible. RMB 50-100 will be charged as a fee to change the lock. You can not duplicate the key by yourself.
  • The rooms in the ground and second floor of Taoliyuan shall be left for other purposes by the university from June to August every year. The student cannot move into the building until they conclude the agreement of dormitory exchange.
  • The accommodation of the visitor without permission shall not be allowed in the student dormitory. In case of the use of self-purchased refrigerator in the dormitory room, the student shall monthly pay the utility fee of RMB 30 Yuan per refrigerator.
  • The illegal acts such as drinking, fight, drug addiction, prostitution and whoring shall be strictly forbidden in the dormitory. The explosive, flammable, toxic and radioactive dangerous articles shall be strictly forbidden to be taken into the student dormitory. The burning of the articles and the ignition of the fireworks shall not be allowed in the dormitory.
  • The use of the electronic equipments such as microwave oven and electric cooker shall be strictly forbidden in any room outside the dormitory kitchen (except for Nan Yang Building ). In case of the violation of the regulation, the penalty shall be imposed upon according to the extent of situation.
  • In order to ensure the security of the student dormitory, be sure to close the room window and cut off the power supply at the time of leaving the room. The smoking shall be forbidden in the room, and the student shall not connect any electronic equipment without permission in order to avoid fire accident.
  • Keep the student dormitory and public place clean and quiet. Be sure not to make any noise in order not to negatively influence the study and rest of other students. The articles shall not be placed on the corridor and tossed out of the window; the feeding of the small animals shall not be allowed in the dormitory.
  • The dormitory kitchen shall be available only to the students who live in the dormitory. The catering service conducted by the external personnel in the dormitory shall be not allowed.

Rules and Instructions for Off-campus Accommodation

If you wish to move from the on-campus student dorm to off-campus accommodation, you should:

  • Sign a "Contract of Tenancy" with the owner.
  • Present the "Contract of Tenancy" to the Office of Students Affairs of the School of International Education , Shanghai Jiao Tong University and fill out the "Registration Form for Living Off-campus". Register with the local police station and fill out the "Registration Form for Temporary Residence".
  • Present the "Registration Form for Temporary Residence" to the Office of Enrollment to change the address in your "Residence Permit" by filling out the "Application Letter of Certificate Handling by Overseas Students".
  • Present the "Form for Change of Address" to the Visa Office of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau for the change of address.
  • If you move to a new address once more, please notify the Office of Enrollment of the School of International Education , Shanghai Jiao Tong University of the change to deal with related procedures.Matters Needing Attention for Students Living Off-campus.
  • Pay attention to your personal safety and the safety of your property, guard against possible offenses infringed upon you.
  • Pay attention to the safe use of gas, be sure to use a gas water heater with a powerful exhauster, the heater should be installed outside the bathroom and when using it, open the bathroom window a little for fresh air.
  • Pay attention to the safe use of electric appliances, observe the regulations regarding the use of electricity and do not use electric appliances such as electric water heater which may start a fire.
  • Pay attention to traffic safety and observe the traffic regulations; Keep in contact with the school and notify it when there is a change of address.