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International Student Services

How to Apply For

  • A Testimonial of Current International Students

    You may apply for a “Testimonial of Current International Students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University” with your student ID to the Students Service Center of the School of International Education . The Testimonial is of both Chinese and English versions. A fee of RMB ¥ 5 is charged for each Testimonial.


Student’s ID & Internet Using

  • Regulations regarding student ID for Non-degree Students
    • At your first registration, the school will issue you an International Student ID. If you want to continue your study after the planned period of time, you may have it extended at the Students Service Center (Room 222, Lecture Hall No. 1, Xuhui Campus). The ID can be extended three times, after which you need to change it for a new one.
    • The ID can only be used by the holder (student) himself/herself and should not be lent to other people.
    • You should present your ID to the office staff for all study-related purposes including applying for elective courses, paying fees, enrollment, etc.
    • With the ID you can get access to the Internet in the computer room located on the first floor of Lecture Hall No. 1, Xuhui Campus.
    • With the ID you can use the student information retrieval system to print out your score report after the final exams of each semester for free.
    • With the ID you can also apply for a “Library Card” at the school library. You should use the card according to the rules and regulations set by the school library.
    • You should take good care of your ID and remember its password. In case you forget the password you may go to the Room 222, Lecture Hall No. 1 for a new password.
    • In case you have lost your ID, you should go to Room 222, Lecture Hall No. 1 to apply for a new one for a fee of RMB ¥20.
    • You can also apply for an electronic purchase card (available for canteen dining, supermarket shopping on campus and campus bus taking) for free in Room 222, Lecture Hall No. 1 at your registration and obtain it within 1 week in Room 111, Lecture Hall No. 1. If you miss the application at your registration, you can apply in Room 111, Lecture Hall No. 1 for a fee of RMB ¥20. The purchase card should be recharged in the Card Center located on the first floor of the canteen before using.
  • Regulations regarding student ID for registered degree students
    • After completing the relevant procedures at your first registration, please go to the Campus Card Operation Center to apply for free.
    • Service time of the Campus Card Operation Centers:
      • on Minhang Campus (the Service Center on the 1st floor, New Library Network Information Building): 8:30—12:00, 13:00-16:30, from Mondays to Fridays. Tel: +86 21 34203030; Voice Service: +86 21 34202020.
      • On Xuhui Campus (the 4th floor of Haoran Hi-tech Building): 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays to Fridays, 9:00-11:30 on Tuesdays
    • This card is used as a form of identification as well as an electronic purchase card on all SJTU campuses. Students can use their campus cards to pay for what they have consumed on campus including dining, purchase, bath and campus bus taking.
    • In case you have lost your campus card, you should pay ¥20 for a new card.
  • How can I get access to the internet in the dorm?

    Students who stay at the dorm can have access to the Internet via the school network

    • You can go to Room 100, Taoliyuan every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1:30-4:30 to register for the use of the Internet. You should show your MAC address to the staff there (If you do not know how to find your MAC address please consult the center for advice).
    • The office will apply to the school for the IP address needed for access to the Internet. The office will issue you the IP address within 4 working days.
    • After obtaining your IP address, you can proceed with the network configuration in your PC (you may consult for advice in Room 100, Taoliyuan).
    • When you use the Internet, you should strictly follow the regulations and use it properly.


Registration & Tuition Fees

  • Registration
    • As an international student, you should hold a civilian passport. If you hold a passport of other categories such as a diplomatic, business passport or special passport, you will need to present a note from your country's diplomatic mission in China and go through the necessary formalities at the Public Security Bureau in China . In this case, you would not enjoy the same pertinent privileges or treatment during your study in China .
    • You should register at the school on the designated date carrying with you your “Visa Application Form for Foreign Students Studying in China ” and “Admission Notice from SJTU”. From the second semester on, you only need to present your student ID for registration. If you are not able to register on schedule, you should send a written explanation to the school at least one week before the semester begins. Failure to do so will be deemed as quitting school and you will automatically lose your student status. The offer of accommodation will be withdrawn by the school.
    • The following things should be taken care of before the registration:
      • Obtaining a health re-examination certificate from Shanghai Health and Epidemic-Prevention Center ;.
      • Paying tuition and accommodation fees.
      • Making a room deposit for articles lent for dorm use.
      • Submitting 8 passport-sized photos.
      • If you have received an offer for the student dorm, you should check in to the dorm.
      • You will get your SJTU International Student ID after registration. In case it is lost, you may apply for a new one, but will need to pay a service charge of RMB20.
      • Hand in your passport, health certificate and relevant fees to the Office of the School of International Education (the “office”) within the designated time so that the office can apply on your behalf for your “Residence Card for Foreigners” at the Shanghai Public Security Bureau collectively. Otherwise, you will have to go to the Bureau in person to apply for the card.
      • The School will hold an opening ceremony to welcome the new students before the semester starts and will explain to the students the rules and regulations of the School as well as pertinent Chinese laws.
      • Before the semester starts, the School will announce the information regarding the division of students into different classes and school timetable at the bulletin boards in the lecture building, the student dorm, as well as in the office of the school. Such information will also be released online.
      • If you find the class you are in does not fit with your Chinese level, you may go to the Office of Educational Affairs to request for a transfer to another class within two weeks of the semester starting. You cannot change classes by yourself, and such deed is invalid.
  • Tuition payment 


    Website: http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/content.aspx?info_lb=166&flag=3


    Website: http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/content.aspx?info_lb=167&flag=3 

Field Trips & the Chinese Language Test (HSK) & Other Matters

  • Field Trips
    • The school will organize several field trips every semester, the dates for these trips can be found in the “School Timetable” issued before the semester begins. The specific arrangements such as time, place and activities for each trip will be further updated and finalized by the school.
    • A non-refundable application fee will be charged for all field trips (not including the language practice outside Shanghai ). The school will support part of the fee of the language practice outside Shanghai , and the rest should be paid by the students. Please pay attention to the notices regarding the detailed information on fee payments.
  • Application and Tutoring for the Chinese Language Test (HSK)
    • The school organizes three HSK tests every year in May, July, October and December respectively. Two months prior to each test, the school will post a notice regarding the application and tutoring for the HSK on the bulletin boards in the lecture building, the student dorm as well as in the office of the school. Such information will also be released online.
    • You should enter your name for taking the HSK in Room 100, Taoliyuan at the designated times. Bring with you your passport and its photocopy, and 2 passport-sized photos taken against light background. The center will then issue a “Permit for Attending HSK” to you.
    • The school will organize pre-test tutoring for the students.
  • Matters Needing Attention While Living and Studying in China
    • The school will apply on your behalf for the first “Residence Card for Foreigners”. You need to submit your passport and other relevant materials to the Office of the School at the designated time for the card application.
    • Shanghai Jiao Tong University is located in the commercial center of Xujiahui, characterized by heavy traffic and huge flows of people, so please pay attention to safety when going out.
    • When going out, take good care of your personal belongings including your wallet and credentials (i.e. passport, and student ID, etc.), especially inside crowded places like shops and buses. In case something is lost or stolen, report the loss to the local police station.
    • Lock the door of the dorm room when you are out to prevent possible loss of property.
    • Pay attention to the safe use of electric appliances, do not connect electric wires without permission and do not use high-power electric appliances, turn off power when leaving the room to prevent fire.
    • Ask the driver for a receipt and keep it when taking a taxi in case you need to reclaim something left in the taxi, ask also the shop assistant for a receipt and keep it when purchasing a high-price article from a store, so that you may change or return the article when you find its quality is not up to standard.
    • In case of emergency, call 110 for police; call 120 for medical rescue.
    • Do not stay up too late as it may interfere with the study the next day.

Accommodation on Campus

Please visit the page at http://isc.sjtu.edu.cn/EN/show.aspx?info_lb=163&info_id=63&flag=3

Foreign Student Daily Handbook

Please refer to the PDF file at http://en.sjtu.edu.cn/assets/1893/foreignStudenthangdbook.pdf