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Chairperson of the University Council

Jiang Sixian


Lin Zhongqin

Vice Presidents



Guo Xinli

Daily Operation of Party Committee; Human Resources; United Front Work; Retired Cadre; Party School; Party Committee Office

Fan Xianqun

Overseeing the Party Committee Work of the School of Medicine

Chen Guoqiang

Dean of the School of Medicine

Cai Wei

Biological, Agricultural, Medical and Pharmaceutical Disciplines

Wu Dan

Fixed Assets Management; Campus Development; Community Engagement; Business Assets Management; Laboratory Construction

Huang Zhen

Human Resources and International Affairs

Zhu Jian

Publicity; Student Affairs and Career Development; Campus Culture Construction; Art, Culture and Sports Activities; Archives

Zhang Ansheng

Logistic Service; Infrastructure Development; Foundations; Alumni; Union of Staff (Women’s Union);

Mei Hong

Scientific Research; Industry-Academia Cooperation; Technology Transfer

Hu Jin

Discipline Inspection; Supervision; Security and Stability; Complaints and Visits; Auditing (Assisting Management)

Xu Xuemin

Undergraduate and Graduate Education; Student Recruitment